Benched so here's what's next for me

So as you can see from G2's post from today i've been benched. At this point i would like to thank CTZN, Virtue, UUNO, SHAS and Kayak even tho it was short i had a lot of fun playing with you mate and good luck to you all for your future.

Anyways as sad as it is im excited for whatever's next for me im still motivated i want to keep playing and compete and where ever i end up i will keep putting in my all. I think having a fresh start with a new team right now is something i really need and really look forward to if i do get that opportunity.

That being said there really isn't any options for me at this point so im going to have to sit out this next split and see if any opportunities rise on the next roster window. For now im just going to keep on grinding FPL or Ranked or whatever it is to keep myself in the game and better myself even more and enjoy some time off stressing about competition which i think will also just be good for my mental at this point. I will also try to start streaming more and get on that grind since i got a bunch of freetime for that now.

If you are interested im obviously preferring to be in an EU team but i wouldn't rule out NA offers either.
Since i am still contracted to G2 all offers should go through our esports manager

Thanks for all your support throughout the years and this rocket will not stop until forced.

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