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9th Jun 2021 from TwitLonger


About a month before Cold War released I got prescribed adderall for personal reasons. After about a month of taking it I had never felt better as a person. Slowly but surely that feeling started to fade. Not playing CoD for 4-5 months after I got benched in MW really affected my game. My cold war season started off really slowly. I was lost on the map and despised playing online. Just wasn't as fun and my passion was nonexistent. I wasn't motivated to put in the time. So I changed how I took my adderall. I started taking it right before scrims rather than the times I had been taking it. It made playing so much more enjoyable. Soon I started to get used to playing on it and I was learning the game at a rapid pace and I was having so much fun. I started taking more than I was prescribed and would take gross numbers on tournament days. It all caught up to me eventually. I started needing it just to function. I would feel faded w/o it. I even felt depressed when I would take it. I could feel my personality had changed and I didn't feel like myself anymore. It was one of the scariest realizations that I couldn't be happy w/o a drug and that I depended on it. Luckily I had supportive friends to help me get off it and I haven't taken it in 3 months. I know a handful of players or have or are currently abusing it and this is a huge issue in the competitive CoD community that needs to be addressed by the league

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