Clearing the air...

To those who may have just witnessed whatever unprofessional attempt at a comedy bit that may have been, I would like to make sure to clear the air with everyone who follows and supports me.
Claims were made not long ago that I am not actually a Rioter, with "evidence" to prove that. The problem here lies that this "evidence" is not verifiable, where as my credentials are. Furthermore, there was even someone making their own claim of being a Rioter as well who did not have credentials. With the additional research done by myself, a few trusted individuals as well as my own superior within Riot, we have found that there is no tie to Riot Games from this individual making these claims.

I would like to be clear, I have no intentions of attacking, accusing or harassing anyone involved in what happened tonight. I simply wish to clear the air for those of you who may be wondering what the truth is. Furthering my credentials, I have made actions already within my roughly 2 weeks at Riot that give proof in themselves to my position. That being said, If you have any doubts I do encourage you to simply go your own way. I never want to try and force anyone to follow or support me, and while I do make some mistakes in life, this is not something I take lightly.

To those of you who know me or simply support me, I appreciate your time tonight in the attempt to support me further in this tragic nightmare of an "interview" and I do hope that you didn't have to postpone anything too serious for this. I appreciate you all and I wish you all a great rest of your night and a great day tomorrow.

Final statement: This account, along with all of my known accounts will continue to stay online and active. I don't back down from haters or doubters, never have and never will. See you on the Rift!

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