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3rd Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

It's been fun 🤠🤝

So this might come as a shock to a lot of you, maybe not so much for others.

First of all, I will be finishing up with the last quals of the Intel Open playing alongside Vortex and Le Duck.

Yes, I am deciding to step down from competitive Rocket League, and for a couple of reasons which I'll explain in this post.

I've been playing RL since release back in 2015, and have had a break from the comp scene here and there. In the past year I decided to really go hard at it and try break into the top 8. Old Vort Central did quite well, and to make top 8 in every single event, with a Top 4 in there as well was a pretty good effort. Even though it's no top of the region, not many other teams can say they did that.

What some of you might not know is that during this whole time (since 2018), I've been running my own business. This is how I make a living, and since I live on my own in an apartment, I need to keep making money. While I was lucky enough to have a flexible schedule, at the start of this season the work to RL ratio was at about 50/50, which I was happy with. Near the end of the season it was more like 20/80 in favour of RL. Even though the business was still bringing in money, I was not working nearly as much as I should, and that mixed with RL made my stress levels go up, and my mentality go down.

Another reason is that playing in the OCE region is rough, and while I've enjoyed the grind, I can't see the point in continuing this. Even if I was to go overdrive mode and one day get into the top 2 in the region, where would that put me? It might mean going to a lan, but unless I get picked up by an org and moved to another region, "making it big" in OCE as an RL player is not enough to fully support yourself. Maybe in the future, but I don't think OCE will ever have the same opportunities as other regions due to the sheer lack of people we have compared to other regions. If I lived in EU or NA this would be another story.

While I'd love to continue to play comp, I can't build a business and career alongside staying on top of of my RL game. It's just not feasible.

I will most likely still stream RL and other games, and maybe play some comp in the future for fun, but these past few weeks of staying off the grind have been some of the best for my business and mental health, and I'd much rather put time into them.

So with that being said, I appreciate all of you guys who have supported myself and my team in comp play. It's been fun. You'll definitely still be seeing me around the RL scene.

Wish you guys all the best <3

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