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1st Jun 2021 from TwitLonger

Changing Roles

Many people are still asking me about why I changed from pos4 to pos5 daily on stream so I'm just going to write here to explain.

1) Too many pos4 players in SEA

2) 1 language speaking team will often stick to their own language

3) Playing Pos5 and learning how to be a captain will eventually position myself a lot higher in the market of SEA players

4) No real captains in SEA. I hope no one gets offended by this, but aside from the obvious ones like Mushi, Kuku and March, no one else has really proven themselves to be capable of the task when it comes to international competition.

Of course when a nobody like myself who has achieved nothing despite constant effort for years says stuff like that, it all sounds like horse shit. But I truly believe in order for a SEA team to do well internationally consistently, a captain that is stupid enough to believe that he can outmatch the greats of the Dota world must be born.

This is the beginning of my new path. It is sure as hell going to be long and hard as fuck, as every pos5 player out there will tell you. But you can be damn sure I'm going to put every bit of my heart & soul into it, like I always have.

Thanks for the love & support for those who give me encouraging words even though there's no reason you should believe in me. Hold on to your ponlo stonks, we're going to the M00N 🚀🚀

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