RMR - NaVi and Entropiq match update

On May 29, both NaVi and Entropiq agreed on the date and the time of the match for the 5th place at EPIC League CIS RMR. On May 30th, 7 minutes before the scheduled start of the match, both teams have told us that they will not be playing the match.

We have notified the teams that we will ask for additional instructions on how to allocate points due to their decision from Valve.

Valve replied that if both teams refuse to play the 5th place match, both of them will lose all RMR points that they’ve earned at this event.

Even though both teams confirmed that they are not willing to play the match for the 5th place, we’ve still got back to them and provided Valve’s take on the situation.

After learning about the penalties for forfeiting the match, Entropiq said that they want to play the 5th place match after all, while NaVi said that they are still not willing to play the match. We’ve then informed NaVi that Valve's decision in this situation may include withdrawing the team from the tournament and cancelling the RMR points earned during this competition. NaVi still said that they are unable to play the match.

Since one team was ready to play the 5th place decider, and the other was not, we’ve reached out to Valve again to find out their position on the current situation. According to them, in a situation where one of the teams refuses to play the 5th place match, their opponent gets awarded the win automatically, and the team that has refused to play the match gets removed from the event and has their RMR points earned at the event stripped.

This information was provided to NaVi together with a suggestion to change their decision as well as proposed times for the match: May 31 or June 1.

In the end NaVi have decided to play the 5th place match vs Entropiq. The final time and date will be scheduled shortly, and we will announce it soon.

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