Official statement on the accusations of the unfair play by the Akuma team.

As of today, there were no official protests submitted regarding unfair play during the EPIC League CIS RMR tournament. However, based on the public discussion surrounding the matches played by team Akuma, we've decided to run our own investigation into the matter.

During the internal and external investigations, a large amount of information was collected about the actions of Akuma, the work of GOTV and the line administration of the tournament. The analysis of this information did not reveal any evidence of compromising the administration of the tournament and the work of GOTV. A review of Akuma players, their hardware and software revealed no signs of foul play.

Russian Esports Federation stands for fair esports and adheres a zero-tolerance policy for unfair play. However, the interpretation of the players' actions during the match cannot serve as a reliable confirmation of foul play. We have collected all the necessary information to make a decision, notified Valve and ESIC of the situation, and are ready, if necessary, to conduct a retrial with their participation, providing the full amount of information we have collected.

EPIC League CIS RMR event has followed all guidelines provided by Valve.

If you have reliable facts confirming unfair play within the EPIC League CIS RMR, please don't hesitate to send them to

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