Let's give a bit of context on that twitch clip

Alright, as you guys may have notice there's a 60 seconds clip of me circulating right now on social medias of me re-streaming a female streamer and making bad comments calling the girl a ''fat ugly bitch'' and doing a few remarks that are obviously very inapropriate. So here's what happened

I was streaming WarCraft 3 last night & having a few drinks, chat was really active and we were having fun when at some point around 2-3AM a friend of mine in the chat linked me a channel from the ''Just Chatting'' section, I clicked on it and ended up on a stream of a guy dressed in a bikini doing some sort of comedy and yelling which we all found was really funny. a few minutes after I decided to scroll down the section to see what other content I could find that could be funny to re-stream to my audience and make commentaries on.

I ended up on that person's stream (i'm not gonna name her cause she's just an attention drama seeker) and I saw that she was writing people's names on her face in exchange of money just like a lot of people do on Twitch as of late.

Being a bit drunk I thought it would be funny to have her write my name on her forehead infront of my audience who's also watching so I opened with this quote in her chat saying: ''How much for my name written on cheeks?'' (Obviously referring to her facial cheeks, not buttcheeks lmao) & she started yelling at me saying that i'm extremely disrespectful and that i'm sexually harassing her and that it's not okay & that i'm a verified partner and she's going to report me to twitch & they're going to ban me if I don't donate 5$ on the spot so she can forgive me.

At first I thought it was an act and I was fine with it as obviously I had said nothing wrong, my chat started to laugh and I told them should I donate just for fun and make peace? & I ended up doing so. I donated 5$ (not expecting anything in return, just doing it for content because fuck it) & she kept trying to milk me for more cash saying that 5$ is nothing and that she makes a fuck load of money every stream, blablabla anyways.

She kept on going for about 8 to 10 mins about all the stuff I just said earlier that i'm a partnered streamer and that i'm going to get cancelled if I don't donate more (I think she mentioned the verify checkmark next to my name like 10 times)

I ended up telling her to chill and that i'm bringing her new viewers to her stream and that my chat is generally pretty nice and some of them even donated like 20 subs, a few bucks here and there. She kept going at me and roasting me and trying to shame me for what I said above and at some point I got fed up and ended up calling her the words that I did. I didn't like how she was trying to ''blackmail'' me into donating even tho I HAD donated (and I had absolutely no need to do so) I had no bad intentions in mind going on her channel.

I think she was just trying to start some drama for nothing in her chat, and obviously intoxicated she probably thought that me being a twitch partner would make me an easy target to spice things up for whatever reason, and well it surely worked.

Funny enough she ended up deleting the vods of the proof of her blackmailing me (She seems to keep her vods most of the time and only that one from yesterday is actually missing hmm?) so I didn't get to clip anything to prove my case and all we have is the people who watched my stream and her stream, so it's basically my words against that disgusting small clip of me that makes me look like the worst human being on the platform. I wasn't planning on replying to this because I legit just think that she's doing this for drama and attention seeking but the clip blew up out of proportion and she's trying to sabottage my name so I had to address it sadly.

I wasn't in the right to call her a fat ugly bitch but I was a bit drunk and emotional and really didn't like how she kept bashing me for something I didn't even do. I have been streaming for 4 years+ on the site and never got a single ban or did anything against the Term of Services but this time I guess things got out of hands. Sorry if some of you guys are offended by this I don't blame you if you hate me for that but I stood up for myself in that moment and it is what it is. If I end up getting banned then so be it i'm willing to face the music.

English isn't my first language so my bad if the texts seem a bit scuffed, i'm sure you got my point tho. Peace.

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