BnY TI Drama and no Open Qualfiers

Me Yamsun Esk the three players from BnY together with KingRD and Moo have been scrimming and doing quite well with the hopes of playing TI qualifiers together. But although we have 3/5 members of BnY we will be unable to compete as Zero holds the "ownership" of the team. I will most likely move on with Esk and join a new team which means BnY and Zero himself will be unable to compete at TI at all and will hold an empty TI qualifier slot (they dont have 3/5 players). I find it bullshit that a player has 'ownership" of a team just because they did the sign up. As I'm writing this he has removed me from the BnY roster as well I have not left.

I don't expect anything to happen from this tweet but I find it completely against the spirit of DotA for a situation like this to occur and to also not have open qualifiers. Things like EG and Secret making through open qualifiers at TI6 which I personally was apart of would have never happened. And TI8 would not have been won by OG had it not been for the open qualifiers.

Sorry to Yamsun who will most likely end up not being to compete at all for this year's TI.

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