Sorry for confusion

Hello, this is Spyder from T1.

I am writing this because I saw something on reddit about me quitting T1.

Long story short, right now I have no issues with Ska and Dazed, and we are all respectful of each other and we are getting along.

But if I were to go into further detail, the timeframe that Frod mentions in this clip is based on my early days in T1.

At that time I was trying to get used to a new environment as well as a culture gap, so I would occasionally argue with my teammates.

Looking back on that time now, I can also fully admit that for some of those instances, I definitely overreacted as well because I was sensitive at the time.

But afterwards, the team got together and talked our issues out. And now we understand each other a lot better, and we tried hard to make a comfortable environment for everyone.

So since then we've never had any major issues, and everyone is on the same page that we're all in this together, and we are working hard as a team.

The conversations that are mentioned in the clip were during a time that I was extremely emotional. Currently I am happy with Ska and Dazed, and all of the players on the team have a mutual respect for one another.

Thank you all for your concern, but I promise you we're all okay, and I'm sorry for any misunderstandings!

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