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6th May 2021 from TwitLonger

I'm chilling

As of today I am no longer a member of Paris Eternal with both parties agreeing to mutually part ways. I didn't perform to my own standards over the first four matches of OWL 2021. And after talking with management, this is the best for both. I hope they are able to find a strong replacement and keep going. I wish my teammates and management the best for the rest of the season and I will be cheering for them to show what they are capable of.

Overwatch League, the teams, and the fans have been amazing to me, and I wouldn’t trade these past four years for anything. But it was also a very stressful and challenging period. In four years I traded time living in America, China, Korea, and back now to Spain.

What's next? my future is uncertain. I found myself enjoying coaching inside the team, and it seems like it would be a natural transition for me. First, I'm taking a break to think what I want to do and rest. I’ll be back soon, but wanted to make sure I first took the time to say “thank you” to everyone who has helped me and supported me during this 4 years. I’m grateful for you all.

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