Wild Rift Qs - ARAM, ShopKeep, Darius Ult, Controls, Intro Bundle, WR Champs

Why is ARAM only there for 30 days? I want it to be permanent.

We may make it permanent but we wanted to make sure of a few things. Essentially, is it fun? Is the pacing right? Do people still want to play it after a few games?
It's critical we can still make any critical changes we need to mode before we commit to something like a permanent game mode, even if it's existed on PC before.

Will we get the shopkeeper from League-PC?

Unlikely anytime soon. It's multiple unique large character models which can impact performance - something we're really careful about. While cute it's pretty low value as there's no gameplay attached.

Why does Darius's ultimate go on Cooldown is it's blocked by an invuln effect like Zhonya's, Zed Ult, etc? It resets on PC.

Because it really should go on cooldown. While I understand that Darius players like this mechanic on PC, one of the goals we have on Wild Rift is to make things behave more clearly and consistently on PC since we had to rebuild and rebalanced everything, where as these micro adjustments on PC due to its stability may not be worth the balance costs (though we have fixed many of these interactions as they come up when we chat w/LeaguePC devs).

Behaviors like a ability fails to complete vs an untargetable target is consistently across basically every champion in the game. There's two sides to every equation in a PVP game, and when you have a defensive ability used like a Camille R and she uses it to perfectly dodge the Darius R it should work. Darius being able to just recast it immediately really damages the counterplay and richness of these interactions.

We've taken similar approaches on things like how attack enhancements work on towers and dodging enemies, as well as spell interactions vs losing vision and many more. While this does create some inconsistencies with PC, I believe overall it's a better, richer experience for it.

Can we have touchcontrols like in Vainglory?

Sadly no, we'll continue to improve and work on controls. While I get that some people prefer that method, but we believe twin stick is the better system. For touch we'd need to rebuild large portions of the game and champions to make this happen. Additionally it causes some really problematic long term balance implications where some champions are only 'viable' under a given control scheme. We have multiple devs from VG and they consistently recommended not trying to supporting multiple control schemes like that and it caused a lot of problems in addition to what I mentioned above.

Will we get a initial champions pack like 3 Champs and 3 Skins?

We try to make Champions really easy to unlock, but this is a cool idea I'll pass it along to our store folks!

Will we have WR Exclusive Champs?

Nothing currently planned. We have a lot of great champions in progress already and while we aren't planning on shipping anywhere near all 160+ champions on League-PC, we have a lot more we need to bring over first. I certainly wouldn't rule out WR exclusive champions in the future though, while we can make basically every champions from PC work, it'd be great to design some with mobile and controller first gameplay!

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