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15th Apr 2021 from TwitLonger

A Time to Rebuild

I’m unhappy that we weren’t able to meet expectations of a world class Counter-strike team. It’s been very up and down, but mostly down lately. Our results as a team have been lackluster and led to the decision of me benching myself. By no means do I think I was playing well throughout the hardships but I believe that even with our new lineup that underlying issues had still existed. Ultimately, I had a different approach to our issues however the team didn’t agree with my views. I respect their decision but came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be apart of a project which I had lost faith in. I still take part in the responsibility of not being able to elevate our team to a consistent top level, and I do not believe one individual is at fault. We won as a team, and we lost as a team. With that being said, I still hope they can come to see success again even if it is without me. We had many great memories and victories that we can cherish forever.

I’m going to be reflecting on things that I could have done better or differently throughout my time on the team but more than anything focus on getting back into form. This will be my primary goal while being on the bench. Streams are back for the meantime.

Thanks to anyone who has supported me on this crazy journey. Been through a lot but I’m forever grateful for everyone’s support and couldn’t have done any of this without you all. Let’s see what’s next on the road for us.


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