Chess Drama

This has gone far enough. This is not only bad for all involved, but bad for chess. Our audience and fans have high expectations for how we all behave, and by this infighting and negativity we are letting them down - myself included.

As you know, I have been a fierce competitor all of my life. I play to win. Having said that, this desire to win and my extreme competitive nature sometimes crosses over into real life. In hindsight, I realize that at times my demeanor when interacting with others has been negative. I truly apologize, and will work on that.

As I mentioned the other day on my stream, I am now going to take a much more active role in the management of my accounts. I love streaming, and I love chess. I let others manage the behind the scenes activities because I was focused solely on creating content. I know now that ultimately, this is *my* stream. I need to be more aware of the actions of my team, and anyone working on my behalf. While well intentioned, I fully acknowledge that those working on my behalf with me should not have aggressively pursued the copyright strikes. From now on, I will have more visibility into all things related to my account and business.

I will no longer be working with Chessbae. I appreciate what she has done for me and the world of chess, but it is time to move on with a new team.

In regards to Chessbrah/Eric Hansen, we need to connect privately to try to resolve our issues. I will not do this in a public forum and will not speak publicly about him again. As two of the game’s most high profile chess content creators, we have a responsibility to the community to at least meet as professionals.

For those disappointed in how we all have acted, I truly apologize. Clearly I love this game, and my passion can at times get the best of me. I hope we all can move forward from this, and focus on what matters most.

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