Hey everyone, I wanted to talk about my past insensitive tweets:

I wanted to address some things that have been brought to light from my past, and apologize. I will not make any excuses because I am completely responsible for my actions and words. I want to start off by saying that the person I was when I was making these edgy jokes and tweets years ago is not the person I am today. During that time in my life, I had a lot of hate for myself that I let flow out through my humor and opinions. As I’ve matured I’ve realized that edgy jokes can do so much hurt to people. Growing up in the south I picked up on many views and opinions that I now strongly disagree with and have since re-educated myself on. I have been reading all your responses, dms, and videos and I want you to know I have learned from this and I am going to keep using my platform to try to help people and spread messages of acceptance and love.
I will continue to reflect on this and try my best to make a positive impact on the world as much as I can 💜

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