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9th Apr 2021 from TwitLonger

Body Language To Attract Women

I am sure that you’ve heard that a lot: About 63% of our communication is done via Body Language. Only 7% is verbal (i.e. Our Words). It always sounds amazing and unbelievable. However, this is true, and much of this communication is subconscious. You don’t need to use attractive words and sentences. You can attract women using the proper Body Language.

Today I want to discuss some basic guidelines on having and attractive Body Language. I will try to write this as practical as possible.

In general, attractive body language is based on the behaviour of a leader, a king. Women are naturally attracted to leaders. Whenever you are not sure whether your body language is attractive or not – imagine that you are a king. For example, if you are in a night club, that imagine that you are the club owner.

Body Language – Posture

Move Slowly

Average men have many worries and stresses. They move quickly, they are always “late” for some place. Instead, I suggest moving slowly, without any hurries. This shows that you are confident and relaxed.

Take your Space Body

Language To Attract Women Remember being in a club, trying to move through crowds of people? Perhaps you tried to bend and sneak between them? Well, I am sure the club owner has a different technique. Try to take more space, behave authoritative. You can even move people to the sides and go straight forward.

When you are standing in a club, or even in the day, don’t be afraid to take your space, put your hands to your sides. The more space you take, the more attractive you look.

A good hint here is to have a good distance between your legs.

Lean Back

Another way to show confidence is to lean back. Even f you are in a crowded club, don’t lean towards the girl – let her come closer to you. This is very important, because leaning forward has much to do with Neediness.

Eye Contact

What do you do when you look at girl, and suddenly your eyes meet. Do you continue looking or do you move your eyes away, trying to hide the fact that you looked at her?

Well, most of the guys actually look away, and that is not very attractive. Why? When we have eye contact with another person, we engage into a subconscious “battle”. If you move your look away first, you lost. You are weaker than the girl.

So when you get into an eye contact with a girl, don’t hide it. Continue looking. You can also add a smile. Make her move her eyes first.

By the way, this is also one of what we call “Female Shit-Tests”. She is testing you, subconsciously, if you are confident enough to keep eye contact.

Using Body Language to Show Disinterest when approaching

When you approach a woman, this is already a sign of interest. Even if you use an indirect opener, she suspects that you are trying to pick her up. If your body language will also show interest, you will look needy.

That’s why, you need not to show interest in your body language when approaching. How can it be done?

You can: Turn your body away from her; Join Hands; Take a step backwards from her.

Mastering an Attractive Body Language

Body language is not something that can be learnt just by reading. It’s more like an art. There are many books and articles about Body Language, but in order to be really master an attractive body language, you need to practice.

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