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7th Mar 2021 from TwitLonger

Parting ways with X7

Since a lot of people have spoken to me about it I thought I'd write about what happened with X7.

I was told after a scrim block about 3 weeks ago I'd be subbed out. In the moment I was okay about it, but usually flip flopped how I felt in my head every few days. I don't think this was a performance related replacement, we were doing very well in those last couple of days, I think it was simply for upgrade purposes which is understandable despite being a bit sad about it.

I had been told I would still get some playtime in the UKEL, but due to not knowing exactly how much that would be, I've made the decision to leave, which was difficult as Hyrav, Kybet + Team have all been great and there's been absolutely no hostility or drama, and management/coaching stellar, and we have parted ways on good terms.

Some people also thought I had become toxic/angry with teammates or something, this was not the case please feel free to ask them.

As such I am once again LFT for the UKEL Summer Split. DM's are open, thank you.

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