to my amazing & loyal community

to address the reason why my schedule has become erratic:

I’ve realized that I’ve been in a denial of sorts. since quarantine, & especially since last november, i’ve lost 52lbs streaming non stop, it has depleted my energy levels almost completely, & i can count the number of times i have been outside since quarantine on my two hands. A connection with nature has always been important to me, and the other day when i was walking to take out my recyclables i decided to stop on the top level of the parking garage, i looked up at the sky and the beauty of it alone just made me cry, throughout my middle school & high school years nature was a friend that helped me push through the mental bullying i faced most days, and to have been disconnected from it for so long has weakened me, so because of this i have been relaxing & taking it easy, I do not wish to quit or take a break, i'll just be going with the flow for a little, with that said, we will return a "normal" & consistent streaming schedule soon.

love you all and hope you can understand

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