I can't put it any more simply than "working on The Division changed my life". For the past 8 years, I've had the absolute pleasure of working with a game that became more than just a 9 to 5 and to be moving to a new role after all this time is equally exciting and, to be honest, bittersweet. I'll definitely find it hard to let go of something that has been so formative for me.

Massive has been an absolute dream and from the get-go has provided an environment where I was able to turn ideas into action in ways that I didn't imagine were possible. From gifting turtleneck couture to Yannick, or creating literal magic on-air with Quentin - State of the Game became a realisation of the respect I believe communities should be afforded when spoken to by developers. Of course, many times we had to front up with not-so-good news but it's always been important to me that players are given to form opinions based on truth. How else would we ever be able to get a reasonable level of respect in return?

The best part of taking on a new role is that I'm afforded the opportunity to do so without leaving Ubisoft - this means I can hang around like a bad smell and still keep an eye on what's happening with The Division as a part of the community. I actually get to be a fan with insider knowledge so that definitely makes this all a little less difficult!

As of the start of March, I'm working as Communications Manager for Ubisoft Stockholm and while we aren't ready to share what we're cooking up just yet I am EXTREMELY excited to share it with all of you when that day eventually arrives.

Also, I just wanted to finish this self-important ranting with a quick PSA: Developers work tirelessly to create incredible experiences for those of us that love games and they are most definitely included in that group. Please, always share your love with them. Never stop being critical. Always remain respectful.

Thank you to all the friends in The Division's community that have been such a pleasure to interact with over the years - I hope we can continue to do that and I'll no doubt be lurking in all your streams... unless you ban me. Don't do that.

Agents, it's been a treat but it's time for me to move on and "get out there myself".



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