Jembty · @JembtyFPS

2nd Mar 2021 from TwitLonger

LFT 2021

I am officially free agent now, my contract is expiring next month so I will be looking for a team. I would like to thank PaG3, Teabone, vazku and ballin for being a great teammates over the year. This was a mutual agreement inside the team since we needed some changes. Felt like from the beginning we had different opinions and now it made sense to make changes since we missed PGI.S. No bad blood between us, sometimes you have different opinions and how you wanna handle things. We gave it a go but did not work out this time. I take a lot of responsibility for not succeeding better with this team, but I learned a lot for the future as a teammate and as an IGL. Also wanna thank Omaken Sport and Heroic for being great orgs and Noobwork for believing us! That being said I am really hungry to find a new team and make to PGC this year.

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