For the first time in many years, two CIS teams meet at the championship in Katowice! 👏 and Gambit Esport! This is a huge achievement for the CIS esports! For the first time, due to the pandemic, there is finally an opportunity to show your skills and here is the result: our two teams face each other in the final of the IEM Katowice 2021 championship!
And no matter who wins, this is already a very cool result! I really respect Hobbit from the Gambit team, we won the Major with him, and their coach is my very good friend Vanya F1_N. He did a great job that made Gambit play so cool. And in VP there is a my player whom I’ve recently sold - YEKINDAR, who shows a frenzied game, frenzied Counter Strike.
Naturally I will root for beautiful CS, nevertheless, I think that the VP team in which YEKINDAR plays, will win, it seems to me that they deserve victory more, they look more powerful. I think that after such a game, all sorts of "non-journalists" will not write any crap about our teams. I am proud of our region, men - nice job!

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