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25th Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

The future of ProDrops

Hi everyone,

I promised I'll make an announcement about the future of ProDrops tonight so here it is..

ProDrops has been out for a few months and the feedback we've got about the game so far, has been great.
Users really seem to like the idea behind the game, and what it has to offer. So seeing the amount of excitement you have shown, how amazing this small community we've built is, how engaged our users base has been and everything else, I've made a big decision.

Up until now ProDrops has been developed almost exclusively by a single person holding a full time position that doesn't leave a lot of time to get into personal passion projects.
I've been thinking about the potential ProDrops has a lot recently, and made the decision to leave my current work place to work on ProDrops full time and see how far it can go!

I'll be leaving my work place in around 3 months and will start working on ProDrops full time then. In addition, I've also added another partner who will help developing the game full time so we can really push this forward.

What you can expect for the next few months:

Since we're hoping to grow the game to a point of having thousands of users playing we're going to need servers that are strong enough to hold that amount of people. We've made the decision to take the time to properly build that improved and scalable infrastructure so we can dynamically add / reduce resources. This will allow us to be ready for the day thousands of users will join the game, without the game crashing and failing under the pressure. This also means that in the next few weeks you won't see any major features being released (**missions will still change, and new cards will still be added to the game**).
After we're done with this infrastructure overhaul we'll be able to release new and complicated features quicker, and have them work better.

I want to thank you again for supporting this little passion project, and hope you'll stick around to see it become Rocket League Esports' next biggest thing!
If you have any question feel free to ask them on our discord channel under #game-related-questions and I'll promise to answer (if I can 😉)

Much love as always ❤️

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