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21st Feb 2021 from TwitLonger

About 4Conner.

Since I talk about BLM a bit on my Twitter, I figured I need to speak up on this situation regardless of how long ago these logs of Conners are. To start, I just want to make it very clear that yes, I never spoke up during this screenshot ( and yes, I should have and I am fully admitting that. There really isn't any excuse here. I was wrong not to do so. I was edgy at that time and most of you know this by now. I have learned from my past behavior, hence why I don't surround myself with that type of behavior anymore, nor do I even go on discord much to begin with. Regardless, that was almost 3 years ago. I have made it pretty apparent that I do not act like that now, so I am not sure why I am brought into this when most people know that I have made a pretty great effort to change. I'm 22. That was 3 years ago. What more can I possibly do here. I don't actively hang out with Conner and I have been around him a solid 3 times or less IRL. A few times on Among Us. I can't be held accountable for an adult's behavior. I am owning up to not speaking up at the time, but it's just bullshit to pinpoint me as an enabler when this was so long ago. I just can't comprehend that logic. I am not apart of his group. I don't see him nor talk to him every day. I apologize for my failure to speak up at the time. That's it.

It seems that the same people continue to bring up my threat I made on here, back when I had just turned 18. Every time my name is brought up, for whatever reason, people only bring up this 1 single tweet every single time, claiming that I haven't changed. It's very odd to me how you can expect any person to change when you continue to bring up their past after they have shown (imo) a substantial amount of change. This is exactly what enables people not to change. I think 4-5 years is a long enough time period to end the obsession with a single tweet of mine from 2016. It's absurd. I've kept a Twitter account for 3+ years now. No edgy tweets no callouts no enabling aside from the R word (which I still continue to work on). My tweets at the moment are cringe. Just straight cringe sexual disgusting tweets. I am not an active racist, I don't enable racists, and I don't make threats. I'm not hurting anyone. Just let me be cringe and leave me alone, please. Thanks.

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