So Bad benched

As of today Team Spirit are undergoing some changes in our Dota 2 teamy. Vitaliy 'so bad' Oshmankevich left has been put on the bench.
In the following matches at ESL One CIS Online Season 1, Miroslav 'Miroslaw' Kolpakov will fill in instead of Vitaliy.

The squad manager Dmitry 'Korb3n' Belov answered a few questions about the current situation.

- The second week was unsuccessful for Team Spirit. Where did it go wrong: in the drafting phase or in game? And what has the team focused on to stop the losing streak from continuing?

There were mistakes in bothof those aspects to be honest. It's not about losing streak or winning streak, we lost two games to underdogs and put ourselves in a very difficult tournament position. We had some serious clashes in the team, as a result, now we made a substitution. Why we did this is a very broad question and does not fit the format of the pre-match press conference.

- Why don't you first pick Mars for Collapse if he is so good on him? And why do you think the opponents don't ban him immediately?

You want certain heroes on the first pick in current meta. Mars was the eighth pick on the third map against Empire. Maga played 13-4-11 on Mars, and his contribution to the game was significant. But we lost that game.

- It is believed that the match against LtW may decide the fate of Major slot. Is this game the most important in the league for you? Has the view of this team's strength changed over the past two weeks?

I do not divide the remaining matches into deciders and unimoprtant ones. In our current situation every game is a decider. The situation, however, has not changed, two weeks ago it was a strong team and now it still is.

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