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27th Jan 2021 from TwitLonger

Leaving Riot + my next chapter

Hey everyone,

After 5 incredible years at Riot, it’s time to start my next chapter. I’m excited to announce that I’m a free agent -- I’ll be doing independent consulting on games, esports, and entertainment, while continuing to make content on Twitch/YouTube.

The blend of game dev + streamer is an authentic and unique direction for me, and I want to pursue it to the fullest. There are smaller studios that I may look for full-time dev opportunities at, but for now I want to take what I’ve learned at Riot and PlayStation and help a new set of games, products, and players.

To my colleagues & friends at Riot:

Thank you. On both League of Legends and R&D I had the privilege of working with the brightest folk in the industry. August, Safelocked, Meddler, Scruffy, Mortdog, Jag, EndlessPillows, CertainlyT, Morello, Zileas, Tryndamere & Ryze — I can't possibly write them all. You were constant sources of inspiration and mentorship, you helped me grow in unexpected ways, and you set me up for success on my future adventures.

To the LoL/Riot Games communities:

I love you. The memes, the art, the balance complaints, the design ideas, the salt, I love all of it. I left the League dev team over a year ago, and in some ways that was more difficult than leaving Riot now. Sharing and discussing data, critiquing designs, and working with your feedback to help shape League of Legends was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. I'll still be around making content on League, and if you see my 0-10 Yasuo in your games please say hi.

To my new streaming friends:

Despite the challenges of 2020, I experienced some of my happiest moments when gaming and streaming with you all. From the VALORANT 5-stacks, to the Among Us lobbies, to Team Rocket and J10 in Rust, I met so many content creators who quickly became my friends.

It feels electric to share the same passions for content creation, and for me it’s also a current that flows back into my work as a dev. You helped me see gaming from new perspectives, introduced me to diverse audiences, and profoundly shaped how I think about research, strategy, and design.

Where to find me:

Any studios, orgs, teams, brands, etc. looking to connect for consulting opportunities or streaming partnerships can reach me at or message me on Twitter (dms open)

See you space cowboy,

<3 Blaustoise

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