Not being able to attend SI2021

I would be lying if I said I wasn't devastated to see how our revitalised roster stacked up this time around at an International event, it would have been Gio, Vincere and Pat's first International event, so to say the boys were over the moon when we qualified after a whole year's efforts would have been an incredible understatement.

Ultimately there was just too many obstacles to overcome, our request of an exemption to the current ban on all overseas travel was denied, but even if we were to attend, there was a MASSIVE risk of being unable to return home back to Australia for months on end in some unfortunate cases, which was an incredible stress on all of us and our families.

But I think it's important in times like these to take a step back and put things into perspective. A lot of people have felt the incomparable effects of COVID this last year, things I couldn't even imagine of as I've been incredibly lucky to be doing what I'm doing at my age and living in such an amazing country like Australia. We truly are blessed and it's so easy to take the small things in life for granted in this day and age.

So we hold our heads high looking ahead, love the group of lads we have right now and we can be proud of what we've done this last year and revitalise the hunger heading into 2021 and beyond. To our fans and supporters, I'm devastated we couldn't represent you guys and Australia at this year's SI and hopefully have given you guys something to cheer for.

Thankyou to all involved in trying to make our venture happen, and I want to wish all the teams at this years event Good Luck. There's a lot of great people involved in the scene that I'm sad I won't be able to catch up with again and new people to meet, let's hope our paths can cross somewhere down the line!

Cheers for reading
- Diesel / Kyle

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