With the Canucks sign Nikita Tryamkin.

The curious case of Nikita Tryamkin

It is common knowledge the Canucks hope to sign Vasily Podkolzin when his KHL season is over in a few weeks but what about defenseman Nikita Tryamkin.

Last year the Canucks decided not to sign 26 year old and his season could be over in mid-March.

The Canucks were not willing to give Tryamkin a contract in 2020, it was the early stages of Covid, with no fans allowed at games and the team was in no mood to hand out 1 way deals.

Tryamkin’s agent Todd Diamond was not very happy, he felt the time was right for his client to return to the NHL and the organization had been laying it on thick directly with Tryamkin in the months prior.

Four months the Canucks made Tryamkin wait last year after his season ended and then after signing Jack Rathbone on July 14th, they told Diamond they would not sign Tryamkin.

How will talks go this time around with Diamond : "Nikita is playing for Avtomobilist now and is focused on winning games and competing in the KHL Playoffs, Nikita's future in the NHL will take care of itself. The Canucks had an opportunity to sign Nikita, Nikita patiently waited and unfortunately the Canucks let it pass."

Tryamkin returned to Yekaterinburg Automobilist in the KHL and is having a good season under former Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters.

Tryamkin is an RFA this season but after next season he will become a UFA, his goal is still to return to the NHL.

But will the Canucks sign Tryamkin this March when his season is most likely over, keep in mind, owner Francesco Aquilini still has not given Travis Green a contract extension, will he be in the mood to sign Tryamkin with no tickets being sold and no revenue coming in.

There are still those in the Canucks organzation that cant wait to see Tryamkin get a shot in Vancouver, his size and skating two of the big reasons why.

Yekaterinburg Automobilist Director of Hockey Operations Maxim Ryabkov tells me he is impressed with Tryamkin this season, "He is better than he was a year ago, he is one of the best defenseman in the KHL, his skating is great, he can go coast to coast. He has skating, skill, size, he can play in any league in the world."

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