Commission Information

Commissions are always open. Please don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter or Email. I don't check Furaffinity, so if you send a message there it will never be seen.

I am very lenient when it comes to what I draw, however please note I will *NOT* draw:

-Violence towards real life persons

I reserve the right to decline any other requests that I'm not comfortable with.


-Ko-Fi Sketches-
SFW: $6
NSFW: $12
*1 Additional Character $x2

-Social Media Head Icons-
SFW Only: $15

-Full Color-
SFW: Minimum $30
NSFW: Minimum $60
*1 Additional Character $x2

Accepting Paypal, Cashapp, and Ko-fi

Please feel free to ask questions. Be specific in your requests. All payments are final.

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