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Can't believe I'm actually writing this up. I honestly don't know where to begin this whole situation sucks. To explain, mamba aka Gabe Ren has been MIA for two weeks now, he's gone missing several times now for varying amounts of time (5 days or so at most) and come back and all has been good. Recently things have just felt different both on the player and staff side. Currently there is both monthly salary owed to players, and as well our recent tourney winnings that have yet to be paid. (over 3.5k total) we have text, called, dmed and done everything in our powers to contact Gabe and recieved not even so much as a answer. He has been spotted playing Bloons TD 6 on steam so he is active on his computer. We're unsure what this means or why he's chose to just completely ignore us but this has been a huge toll on everyone at MMG's mental. I'm stressed, the team is stressed. we've been trying to run this ship without him for the better half of a month, This situation is actually a joke. I (Creed) was promised a contract with half of the value of another offer I received in Fortnite over 3 months. After 1 month and players pushing to renegotiate my contract was cut after being signed. I have been without pay since my tweet LFO. On top of this, All the players currently under contract have a Occupational Abandonment clause in the contract. This states that Both player and owner, are tied to a 3 day no contact rule. If after 3 days of trying to reach out to player/management if no contact is made contract is now null. We've been holding out hope that we wouldn't have to invoke this clause but here we are.

To close this all out, things have been incredibly difficult for everyone involved, on top of all of this our results have been disappointing at best recently and we've decided it's best that the team all goes separate ways.
As of now
Are all looking for new opportunities. Thank you guys so much for the infinite support you've given ALL of us. We love you guys <3

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