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31st Dec 2020 from TwitLonger

Just a quick one about 2020,

Hey All,

I just wanted to write a little bit about 2020 and figured a single tweet would not be able to mention or convey my thanks enough, so here goes.

2020 for many has been brutally hard. Loss of jobs, love of love ones, loss of a sense of purpose. For all those struggling and continuing to I am truly very sorry. I hope you can see the light and potential that a new year holds.

For me, 2020 has been the realising that a dream and 3 years of hard graft of trying to make something you genuinely love a full time job, can become reality.
From a 37 year old dad with responsibilities, time constraints, having to change my schedule to stream during my night hours, there have been many obstacles that may not be apparent to everyone. Feelings of guilt sometimes for not spending enough time with your partner and kiddo, worrying what the next monthly income will be and if you are doing the right thing by your family due to the financial uncertainty within this game, sacrificing a life outside of streaming pretty much etc etc

But, thankfully, I am one of the very lucky ones. Things are going well currently and I am incredibly thankful and wanted to just touch on that in this tweet.

To my community, thank you for those who have and are sticking by through the slow low times. Who believed and continued to believe. Your energy carries me when I am low.
To my close streamer friends (you know who you are) who have supported me and helped promote me when it has never been a requirement to do so. You have helped change my path. Sharing the gaming sphere and playing with you regularly has brought me immense happiness and pride to be your friends.
To the extended Nopixel community. Rp changed my direction. I would not be in my position had i not found rp and specifically nopixel. To all who make the community special on twitch, thank you.
To the Chang Gang community. The overwhelming support and love I am shown constantly due to the strong connection I have with the community has been mind blowing. You really are the best community on the internet and there is no place or group I would rather be part of. Thank you for taking me in. Kevin, thank you for giving me a chance way back when. I will forever be indebted and also jealous of your natural complexion and ridiculous good looks.
To everyone who passes by or pops in whenever to say hello and contribute. Thank you, you have no idea how 10mins of your time, a supportive comment, a twitter like or retweet can have such a positive influence and impact on any streamer.
Importantly, to all those 'oil princes' or 'oilers' etc you have become a meme along the way but I just want to say, everyone has different financial situations. Some have more ability to support financially than others, regardless you still have the decision or choice to support people with your finances. There are many out there who don't. Your selflessness and generosity helps streamers succeed and maintain a livelihood in this game. For that, thank you. Anyone who chooses to support financially, thank you for this on behalf of all.of us.

From the start I have always wanted to create a place where everyone feels comfortable to swing by and hang out, where everyone feels equal and no one feels judged and everyone feels safe. So far I think we have done a pretty good job.

To all those hoping for a successful 2021 who have struggled up to now I say this. 3 years ago I started from absolute zero, entering a world I knew little about. Through consistency, self belief, a lot of sacrifice, support of friends and of course luck I am doing ok. In the end, those who want it, will find a way. Always remember that. You can achieve but make sure you are evolving and learning and never be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks to anyone who actually read this novel. As always I am very contactable and will always remain to be so. Whether fellow streamer, viewer anyone tbh.

I wish for a happy and successful 2021 for everyone. And finally, remember, in this industry the only competition is with yourself. The sooner you park any jealousy, animosity and all those negative thoughts, you will start succeeding. Everyone's path is different and their own.

Love you all.and stay positive.


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