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19th Dec 2020 from TwitLonger

Statement: PSGL ends BDG Esports partnership with immediate effect

It is with regret to announce PSGL will be ending its partnership with BDG Esports with immediate effect.

In the light of what has happened with regarding the organisation, effectively BDG has closed its doors and thus the partnership will end immediately.

I am not the most informed, so feel free to search BDG on Twitter for your own research and additional context.

There was a series of allegations and complaints regarding BDG, in particular in the fighting scene and the content creation side of things.

Some of BDG’s management has been found to be discriminatory, bad business practices with regards to money and general other factors regarding the management.

This has led to a backlash from several ex-BDG members which received a lot of traction.

Subsequently, there was a meeting on Friday night amongst many BDG staff to discuss it with Oliver (BDG’s managing director) in a bid to move forward and raise any concerns.

Unfortunately, it appears the meeting didn’t go to plan and thus 40-50 members have left BDG as a consequence of the public fallout including their biggest content creators, some management and fighting scene players.

BDG has been 100% responsible for supplying the prize pool for our main leagues and with BDG now being defunct, there will be no prize money for Season 27.

As PSGL is not a limited company etc. there’s no legal agreement in writing regarding sponsorship thus there is no legal obligation from Oliver / BDG to supply the prize money now. In hindsight, I should have included this in my own manager’s contract with BDG, however, no one could have predicted this downfall.

BDG supplied prize money for Season 26 and other events without any issues, thus we had zero concerns.

However, I’ve spoken to Oliver and quite obviously, he will not supply what was agreed.

Ultimately, it’s not just BDG’s reputation but the league’s and mine which will take a lot of the hit. I can only apologise to whose who perhaps signed up in a bid to win the prize money, although I appreciate a lot of you don’t care or race in leagues that don’t have any money attached to them - the principle of not delivering on what we said and what people signed up to which is the most frustrating.

It certainly is a lesson or us moving forward and one gutting for myself on a personal level and someone who puts hours into things.

I am truly sorry for letting people down, what was offered and what we owe.

We hope you continue to support us on our journey and the exciting plans we have in 2021.

Thank you and enjoy the festive period,

Connor / BigC
PSGL / XBGL F1 League Director

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