Trevor Roy · @King1Trevor

14th Dec 2020 from TwitLonger

With the help of people around me I've concluded that I need to accept responsibility for my actions in the past to truly be able to improve as a person going into the future. I’m going to use this twitlonger to accomplish that, while also giving an explanation on some of these instances.
I’ve played on NA Solo Queue under Ugandan Royalty. I played under the name Ugandan Royalty because I copied the name from someone who was on the NA Solo Queue Ladder in (idk what season.) My intention was not to play under this name and be disrespectful. I’ve since dropped this name and I’m moving forward under the name King
In Solo Queue over the past 3 seasons I’ve fallen into the habit of fueling negative connections with players in the scene. For the things that I’ve said or done, I apologize, and I take responsibility. I’m not going to give excuses for my behavior but instead will invite anyone who has an issue that they’d like to discuss with me, my DM’s will be open and I’ll apologize personally in an attempt to fix it.
I’ve always done my best to be as transparent as possible with anyone in the amateur scene who brought up issues with me. To those people who took the time to hear my side of the story either through DM’s, discord calls etc., thank you. I’ll continue to do exactly this and for anyone who wants to discuss my past actions, send me a message on discord and I’d be glad to explain what I can.
I'm going to commit to being a positive player in the community and would like to be held accountable and called out on if I ever violate that. I also commit to holding myself accountable for my own actions but holding those around me accountable as well, to hopefully be a positive role model in the scene.
My goal moving forward is the same for everyone else in this scene. I want to continue improving myself as a person and as a player.

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