Digitally Viral: The Power of Video Marketing during COVID-19

Today, the world is still recovering from the sudden shock of COVID-19. While experts talk about a “new normal” way of life, we must delve into what the “new normal” for business looks like.
For one, the pandemic has forced businesses to go digital – pushing more brands to expand and establish their online presence. Digital Marketing has become the lifeline for many companies – failing to make this transition is a matter of life or death.

So, what role does Video Marketing play in 2020?
Video is detrimental to pushing your brand to the forefront of digital competition. Not only is video engaging, easily consumable and incredibly sharable, it also contributes to the visibility of your brand. Here are a few ways Digital Video Marketing can boost brand visibility:

1. Harness the Power of Video SEO
Google’s internal algorithm loves video. Not only is it more likely to appear higher in the search results, but videos can improve website visits, increase time spent on your site, encourage shares and in-turn, enhance your overall SEO score - leading to higher brand credibility, engagement and sales. Some options are:
• YouTube Videos
• Short Viral Videos

2. Maximize Reach While Social Distancing
Working from home has created new obstacles for employers. Whether it’s an international meeting that you can’t attend or instructions for your remotely working team, Digital Video is a great tool to get a message across distances without the connectivity issues, the time differences and the fear of not being clearly understood. Some options are:
• Corporate Videos
• Instructional/Training Videos
• Product/Service Explainer Videos

3. Spread Out and Capture New Audiences
More than just a direct tool for marketing, video can be used as a means to engage with new audiences. By creating videos about trending topics, you expand your reach beyond your own client pool. For example, socially relevant videos about the pandemic, fun and quirky videos to keep audiences entertained or videos that will make your audiences think, question and communicate. For example:
• Social Media Videos
• Documentary Videos

When it comes to Post-COVID Marketing Strategy, Digital Video is one of the strongest tools you have. Grab your audience’s attention, educate and engage them and spread the message of your brand across the globe with a medium that transcends all barriers – including languages, distances and pandemics.

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