No more SCILL Cups for me in this month at least.Wanted to share some thoughts:

Yesterday i found out that SCILL Cups (i won all 10 out of 11 cups, except the one i havent took part in) introduced maximum ELO cutoff point for standard (non "amateur" silver) cups, which is basically a way to limit my participation (as there are literally 10 players with ELO higher than 2400, other than me they are all asians that never played/would have played this cup).

I think this is beyond retarded for at least two reasons:

1) If you dont want me to play in your cups (for whatever reason), you can simply tell me that. I am not gonna be playing in cups where i am not welcomed. Hiding it under "elo cutoffs" (considering other players are asians that havent played the cup, and would have not played) is hypocrisy.

2) If you want to increase popularity of your cup by doing such stupidity - it wont bring you anything good in the long run. By removing best performing player, someone will replace me sooner or later, and it would end up the same way.

Just like bigger distribution of prizemoney (already done few cups ago) or hosting cups for lower skilled players. Its like giving money to homeless\beggars - those who dont work (in this case - dont practise hard enough to show results) dont deserve a single damn penny. You just encourage people to be lazy (aka i barely play, and i wanna win money) and thats it.

Speaking of popularity - normally i get about 500-700 viewers while playing and streaming the cup - now you just threw it away.

I also got some cool proposition to @ESLWarcraft - how about we split ESL Open Cups prizemoney to all participants? So no one will be sad about result, all will be happy with their evening ice-cream money!

And @DreamhackWC3 - If it will still happen next year, i propose to split prizemoney, so even people taking part in qualifiers will be getting something. Ice-cream for every participant, popularity will rise up to unbeliveable amount!

Sometimes, as a definately most hardworking WC3 player, and also probably best player results-wise of last years in the region, i just wanna say: "How fucking dumb it is!!!".

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