Kuro's retirement post

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Hello, this is Lee "Kuro" Seo-haeng. It's time for me to let go of Kuro the player.

Deciding to become a professional player was the best thing I've done with my life. Eight years, starting from 2013 going all the way to 2020. I think I gave it all and worked so hard throughout my 20s. Things were tough as a professional gamer at times and sometimes I wanted to just give everything up, but I guess I ended up making such a long run because of the fans, the family, the friends, the colleagues. Everyone, thank you so much. I got to get to know so many people who I can rely on. I guess I'm lucky with people.

I did want to play one more year, but after thinking about this and that, there's military service and all, so my heart decided on taking a break and doing things I didn't get to do. It was so hard ... And I wanted to meet the fans so much, I'm so sad that I can't because of COVID-19. When the vaccine becomes a thing and this all goes away, I'll book a place and invite you all!

Thank you so much for the offers everyone have given me this season, thank you and sorry. I'm not leaving League of Legends. I plan to stream, I plan to YouTube, I plan to become a coach once I'm back from the army. The player Kuro is no more, but I'll find you again as a coach and a streamer.

I'm trying to tie up this post, and my head is overrun with so many thoughts. It was so fun being a professional gamer, full of sadness, cheers, frustration, difficulties, goosebumps ... If you ask me what was the best part of it all, it was the support and the love of the fans. (Winning the LCK was so cool)

Really, really, really, thank you so much, all! I intend to continue to have fun :) (IM-Najin-Huya Tigers-Koo-GE-Rox-Affreca-BLG-KT) Every friendship that I passed by on my journey, I wish you the best in everything you get up to!

Come and watch my stream sometime, I'll probably tell a few more stories there~ I'll also be starting my YouTube soon, so I'd love for you to subscribe to that!

AfreecaTV: http://bj.afreecatv.com/rnghs94
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/Culo00o

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