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19th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

This time, I want to do it right.

After yesterday’s events, and my apology Tweet to T1 and Effort, fans/colleagues endemic to the Korean scene reached out to me. During these conversations, they helped me understand the history of fans’ reactions on my statement in Korean forums and the full context behind these reactions.

After the conversation, I now understand that I failed to create a reasonable statement addressing the issues properly. I apologize for this.

Firstly, the initial Twitlonger I posted on the 8th of November was handled poorly by me. I should not have opened with "To my Korean fans" as the statement falsely nuanced that all Korean fans are acting out of hatred/toxicity towards my friend LS. This is not the case, and was not the case. My error of generalisation in my statement is why I wish to take responsibility for my part in this. I always understand the action of fans giving valid criticism to new additions to their favourite team. It is a given for fans to have the opportunity to criticise freely. As long as there is no ill intent aimed at the individual. I understand after the conversations, that the majority of criticism at the time being given from the fans was honest, and with the intent of improving T1's competitive chances.

The second error I made was not recognising the situation LS was in. LS was seriously stressed by the situation at hand and I failed to remain calm. I felt the need to incite a reaction from my fanbase so that there would be attention on how difficult the situation was for LS. I recognise now that I was unable to help LS in a manner that avoided further hate. I wish to apologize for that too.

The third error, was not standing up for the Korean people that are not homophobic, racist, or anything remotely close during a recent podcast aired on the 18th of November. I was present in a podcast where statements that could be construed as such were discussed. I am uneducated on the subject, and lack knowledge of the culture to discuss such a matter. However, this is no excuse to sit there and accept the generalization of Korean culture when voiced by other people. Though I had already understood that before making this statement, I have failed on this front during the podcast. I apologize.

The last error (to my knowledge), was demanding a statement from the T1 players, more specifically Effort, specifically during the podcast above. I recall suggesting that he should apologize for the leak. My intent was never to allude to the fact that he did it intentionally. After being explained how it happened, I understand that it is certainly not his fault.

I am sorry, Effort. I have also reached out to T1 and they have agreed to let me reach out to him personally. I will apologize to him myself, once more, when he finds an opportunity to have the conversation. I have been told Effort is currently working hard together with T1 in scrims to make the 2021 year a success. That is why the apology to Effort has not happened yet. I also wish to extend this personal apology to Faker, with the same sentiment in mind.
I understand now that a rushed statement could have done more harm, as mine has. I am sorry to everyone involved in the hatred involved in my poorly handled involvement in the matter. I will reflect on the course of actions and its results, and in the future, make sure to inform myself better on the situation before commenting.

To finalize this apology, I do not intend to stay quiet. I wish for an open line of communication where I can admit to my fault, hoping that my audience is understanding of my intent. I wanted to help a friend in need, and it turned out to be a mess.

To the majority who try to reason with me and others from all sides, thank you.
To the minority who spread hatred further, I have no sympathy for you.

My sincere apologies for these misunderstandings
Best, and kindest regards, Bwipo.

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