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18th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

A message to the fans

Every season has its own difficulties, but this season was certainly something else.

We were so excited to start off the season that we’d meet our fans and it became a reality through the Homestand. To say that the fans we met there were the most enthusiastic of all of Overwatch League would be an understatement. They were simply the best fans you could possibly find throughout all of esports. Meeting them was easily one of the happiest moments of my life.

We had already anticipated that traveling around the world would be no small task, but the actual traveling hit us harder than we expected. Practice hours were limited in the away venues and the time taken to actually reach the away games worsened the burden. The rest of February was a rough month for us. Little did we know though, that it was only the beginning of a greater menace.

Our away games to Florida were canceled in March and New York basically became very difficult to live and work in. We were staying at the lower east side of Manhattan and the training facility was at Union Square, so the moment the shutdown was effective in New York we couldn’t even practice. All things considered, returning to Korea until the dust settles was the best choice we could have.

Everything was a variable for us at that point. We didn’t know when we would return, whether the League would be resumed, or would the situation in general improve. We had to play some games with the squad separated physically. After a confirmation that we’re going to play the rest of the league games in Korea, finally we can get together in one place at the teamhouse.

The series of events hit hard on everyone. We couldn’t show our best, but every one of us in this organization tried their best. I’m so proud of every single crew in this team and appreciate them.

No teams can exist without fans and our fans are fantastic. You can't help but believe it once you experience an event of ours in NYC. The best city in the world has the best fans.
Since our glorious first season, we’ve had a lot of stars. SBB, Pine, Libero, Fl0wer, Jjonak, Mano...actually almost all the players were considered a star. They are one of the biggest reasons why fans love us. We knew it so we tried not to lose them as much as we could.

Sadly, despite all the efforts we put into this season, we ran into a wall just like season 2.
We started looking into everything very closely.

And then we felt that it’s time to change.

We were taking a very cautious approach at this because it can disappoint our fans.
But I have faith in our scouting team to find new prospects and add more potential to the team. I believe that our new players can offer positive energy to the squad. I believe our coaching staff can help bloom our newly acquired talents.

Now we're off for a new journey. Hope you'll be there with us.

I’ll share more with you all about it soon.

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