Quitting competitive league

Hey everyone, just wanted to announce that since we’re out of the NLC cup open, I’m quitting competitive league, Since I’m deploying to the warzone irl At the start of next year. I simply won’t have the time or motivation to continue playing. I wanna thank everyone from teammates to opponents for helping me becoming a better playing and pushing me to be come the best version of myself in game. It’s been almost 9 years since I started playing league, and around 3 years competitively. And I’ve enjoyed most of it. I will still be playing soloq and smash everyone In the jungle, whenever I have time. Also special shoutout to robin and nudo ( manager and owner of absolved) for making the last months of my gaming amazing . You never know what the future brings, so I might just even come back in a year or so, But for now - Armano out

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