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5th Nov 2020 from TwitLonger

Parting ways with @MilosDee & @DiMKECSGO

The one thing I hate the most in esports are the times when the team changes are necessary.

As everyone knows, we had some ups and downs lately, mostly downs in the recent leagues and cups we played, so we figured it was a time to switch something up.

As hard as it is we have say goodbye to our friends, and brothers DiMKE and dEE.
We know each other for a long time, so this was one of the hardest decisions to make for me personally.
Both of them are truly great players and I love them, but we just couldn't fix problems that we had with chemistry and roles in the team.
Looking at the positive sides, I'm sure they can shine in other team, which will fit them better than ours did.

Together, we had brilliant moments of happiness, moments of sadness, anger, and every possible emotion that you encounter in this job, and I'm glad we ended it together, and that we all agreed this is the best thing to do at this point, without any bad blood between players.
I wish you guys best of luck in your future careers, and hope to see you on the big stage one day again <3

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