Hi, I just removed hololive from my twitter id, since we are parting away with it.
No matter what, I still thankful to the company for giving me the chance to be a Vtuber on a bigger stage and I also met a lot of nice Vtuber friends.
I cannot doubt that many of you guys followed me cause of the company title, but since we are parting away, if you here only for the company title, please unfollow me. But, I truly thankful for those who believe me and support me here, that is the reason I keep my stream going and I DO LOVE YOU ALL.
I wanna thank to a lot of people, but I won’t mention their names, cause I don’t want them to get in trouble cause of me, or cause of just being “HoloCN”.
Thank you for liking my fanart I made for you, even though I know you are busy, and your song is great, you worked hard for it.
Thank you for playing Ark with me, even we had bad days, we still had fun.
Thank you for chatting with me and tried to help me, you are a nice kind girl.
Thank you for drawing art for me, I barely receives fan Arts, that means a lot, I really appreciated.
And also to a person I never talk with, I fkin love your songs.
My managers are also very nice people, I hope they all have a good future. They helped me a lot.
I will still continually support whoever nice and kind in the company, you guys are amazing and deserve people’s love.


Also to clarify things that just happened today, what I did
-I retweeted Aqua’s take over cover that is on her official bilibili Channel
-I sing it on stream and only sing the song
-I shared the official song page on my own discord

God bless you all.

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