T 3693 -
For nine nights The Goddess fought.
Each night she defeated one demon
On the first night she quelled Kama, the demon of Lust
On the second she extinguished Krodha, the demon of Anger
Then on the third she dispelled the demon of Attraction, Moha
Then she shattered Lobha, the demon of Greed
In the fifth night She came face to face with the demon Mada, and vanquished Hubris.
On the sixth night she confronted the swirling demon of Jealousy, Matsara and defeated it
Then still smiling with the energy of Beauty,she went forward and smote the Ugliness of Swartha, the demon of Selfishness
On the eight night she killed Anyaya, injustice
On the ninth night using only her kindness she banished Amanavata, the dreadful demon of Cruelty

Then on the morning after the ninth night, She was about to rest when She realised that her most difficult foe was upon Her.

She sat in the Lotus position laid down all her weapons and with a gentle sigh and a quiet smile, She dissolved the final demon. Ahankara, Her ego.

Navratri has started!!
May all your demons be conquered!

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