Coach bug ENG Statement

Hey everyone! I never cheated or abused the bug, every admin and TO knows that I was always trying to improve the rulebooks of any events and was coming to them beforehand if something was wrong or undefined there. Same as in this situation I came to Michal and Esic as soon as all this situation started to happen around the world and as soon as it was possible me and our manager found the rounds where it happened ourselves.
Moreover, before the investigation I let admins know about the bug and of course I have the proof of this messages. In the end of the day ESIC did investigation without any contacts and added two cases which Im not guilty in with lot of proofs I wasnt at PC at the moment of a bug happening against MIBR but they didnt contacted me to get any details or explanations. I will not accept punishment based on their inner document which was provided to me. Cause this MIBR situation have to reviewed.
Im ready to receive fair penalty but the key word here is “fair” as everyone will receive cause I am and always was the man of sportsmanship and I always respected the rules and obv rules violations. Everyone have to be punished on a fair basis same as investigations and proofs have to be shown in a professional way.

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