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24th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

The hardest decision I have ever made...@Complexity

With talks of lockdowns and chaos returning in UK, and with no end in sight, I was not comfortable being so far from home during this volatile time. I never expected to live on a european team, it was one hell of a year but I couldn't handle it anymore. I gave it my absolute all but I underestimated how much I valued having time at somewhere that feels like home. I've been overseas and navigating europe through this pandemic for the majority of this year, but at one point it had to stop. Going and living in europe for extended periods of time will never be a problem for me, the problem was on this team it seemed never ending. With all the unrest in the UK and the whole world currently, I had to make the decision I know is right.

With that aside I would like to thank Complexity for everything they have done for me, especially Jason Lake who gave me my first shot to play for a professional team. Competing under this legendary organisation has been an incredible life changing experience, thank you for the opportunity. To all the COL fans you are absolutely amazing <3 Thank you for the continued support during my journey.

As for my future - I fully intend to get back to competing for the right team, when the opportuniy arrives!

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