Leaving BTRG // 正式离开BTRG

Well, it's with a heavy heart that I announce this, especially considering the pretty decent performances from my team as of the past quarter.

Over the past 3 months, BTRG had breached terms of the contract that we've agreed upon and despite that; we worked together to try and solve the issue so as to extend our cooperation.

As I'm the only Chinese speaking player in the team, I was basically tasked to be the middleman between the org and the CSGO team. It was necessary for me to communicate with the org while arranging prac, settling daily tasks/goals for prac, fixing mistakes while maintaining my own personal play time and etc was really too much of a burden to shoulder, which is why when MYM joined us it was a truly liberating feeling, having a good coach taking such a heavy weight off my workload seriously helped me perform better and focus more on my individuals while at the same time still struggling to patch things up with the org.

Having to juggle my workload Ala cirque du soleil was far from productive and personally it has become a form of unnecessary stress that despite me doing what I felt was 'handling it well' it has definitely taken a toll on my mental, physical and emotional state.
I won't dive too much into the details in regards to the contract itself, just know that the issues have yet to be fixed despite us working on it together. There has been too many delays and the work efficiency is nonexistent.

Despite good performances on a individual level and pretty alright results on a team level considering all that's been happening, I am personally exhausted and will take a break from this hectic year of 2020. From the roster musical chairs that began at the start of the year, to the pandemic setting in, I am truly blessed to be able to work with some of the greatest players I personally have had the pleasure of being with, xccurate, XigN, Eeyore, Geniuss and MYM are amazing people, amazing players and I wish nothing but the best for them. I only hope that our paths have the opportunity to cross again in the future.

I think if not for the support of my family and me being able to stay with my girlfriend during this tough period whereas the pandemic is keeping everybody home, I probably would not have lasted this long nor been able to keep up with performances and the tasks I am assigned to do as both the Captain, IGL and even as a player.
I will take a short break to recover physically and mentally and weigh my options before deciding on my next venture.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this and as always I appreciate all the love you guys send me, it means the world to me and I am grateful for your continued support.

That being said, I now officially enter free agency and am looking out for possible opportunities in another team. I am up for any type of CS related work be it as a player, coach and/or analyst.



我现在因为合同上俱乐部没达到所答应的事,正式把合同作废,成为个自由选手(FREE AGENT).

有兴趣的俱乐部队伍可以联系我。 我现在首先需要休息一下,养好健康然后就再接再厉.

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