Deep-Sea Production's Future Plan.

We would like to express our deepest apology regarding our vtuber's statements.

We are currently fixing the problem internally and doing what we can in order to solve these issues.
There is some miscommunication/misunderstanding happening inside the production team, and we would like to admit that it's one of our miscalculations and mismanagement causing one of our vtuber to go rampant and broke our protocol, this action affected the rest of our vtubers especially Lilith, with that being said.

We are now canceling our productions, Vtuber's Debut, and streaming schedules.
Deep-sea hopes to become a better production team in the future.
We will rebrand as a new and better Team.
We really hope everyone will stay and support us! From the bottom of our heart,
Thank you all very much for supporting Deep-Sea Productions

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