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17th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

Moving on from the Yeet Squad - LFT ALGS/GLL/Series E

When I originally formed the Yeet Squad 5-6 months ago I wanted to make something out of a nothing - to succeed with a team that nobody thought much of or expected to make finals in online tournaments. In the last 3 online tournaments before ALGS Summer Circuit we made it to finals consistently, but never had that breakout performance when it was time to show for it.

Meeting Sickks and Wigg and getting to play with them as teammates for Summer Circuit is something I'm so grateful for. It was a huge opportunity to prove myself and in our first tournament together we played our hearts out to win 1st and earn a playoff spot.

It meant the world to me to see that success I was chasing realized with the most positive and passionate teammates I've ever had in any competitive game. Before and after that tournament we struggled in many ways as a team and the dedication from them to keep going and stick it out good or bad is what I won't forget. I can only say nothing but good things about them.

To the people who watched us and supported us (especially the Yeetsquad Hypeman, that dude is a god), you deserve just as much recognition. These last couple of months have been so hard for me spending a lot of time and effort to recreate our results from SCOT1. Having you guys from the Apex community care about us even when things didn't work out mattered A LOT to everyone on the team and I know I can speak for Wigg and Sickks on that. I'm sorry to everyone that we couldn't do better.

I'm willing to play Wattson or any recon legend and give your team very accurate zone calls. I know I have a lot to offer in Apex and I think putting myself out there again is what's best for me.

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