Important: Honesty and Transparency

From the beginning of creating, I have always done my best to stay honest and transparent with my community. However, this post is to describe someone who has been dishonest with me from the start, @AzeemFi.

Azeem Ahmed messaged me early in the development of my protocol about donating domains ( He was very persistent in making sure SAFE followed YFI's footsteps, banning all price talk, stressing it is a valueless token, and guiding me through the deployment of the pools. He really seemed interested in the vision of the protocol and making it succeed and I was onboard.

This is when the shady stuff starts. He messages me 3 hours after I deploy pools 1-3 and says he wants to deploy pool 4 right then and there ( I really didn't want to deploy pool 4 earlier than announced since it's very unfair for everyone but Azeem already deployed the balancer pool and forced my hand ( and, I deployed pool 4 with that bpt address. However, he quickly realized that he could be exposed to IL by staying in the pool and within a few minutes, withdrew all his liquidity, essentially locking that pool forever ( and making pool 4 contract unusable. This is why I had to make that tweet saying pool 4 was dead and would be redeployed a day later.

However, Azeem messaged a community member about this, saying that I messed up the pool 4. This is a blatant lie since it was 100% a result of his eagerness to start the pool ( Along with that, he also talked shit about me behind my back. He states he plans on taking over with his group of "pros" and basically oust me from my protocol. Azeem had made millions of dollars off SAFE ( and was dumping them on unaware buyers. He also bought out a lot of yNFT covers before the pools opened to make sure he owned a large percent of pools 1-2.

He has since brought in countless VC's/whales and decided to run the protocol his way. I can't voice anything and he forced me to align with his vision or get ousted. The worrying thing is there are some very prominent crypto leaders in this Telegram group and they seem to side with Azeem. I'm not sure what Azeem has told them, but I hope they are all aware of who he is. I'm not against his propositions, but his character. To support someone along the way just to manipulate them into making you millions is shady to anyone. He also said he'll pay me $10,000 a month if I drop out to help me pay off student loans and support myself, but I have a feeling that salary was just smoke and mirrors.

Through all this, as suggested by Andre, I still plan on developing the original vision that I have been discussing with my fellow devs. Whether this means having a token migration or creating a new token. If you would rather join Azeem's project, I wish you good luck.

Azeem has been pushing his own vision that only him and his crew know about and support. I have a hunch he will try to create a fork to try to push his own vision onto y'all. Before investing in him, I just ask you to do your due diligence. Know who you are dealing with. Always protect yourself first.

TLDR: Azeem may have some good ideas and be a good investor, but his character is one of deceit and manipulation. He manipulated me all week just to make a couple million and attempt to take over the protocol, slandering me along the way.

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