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5th Sep 2020 from TwitLonger

I'm done

This tweet reflects only my views and does not represent anyone I am associated with.

These past two years, i've been insanely disappointed at myself for pretending to be okay with @MonicaXgg's actions.

I'm sick and tired of being okay with someone so cut throat, two faced, and fake.

The @Tempo_Storm PUBGM discord staff that runs events also reflect an unprofessional environment that disrespects the community constantly. There is no filter or respect in that discord. Many have complained about their staff and the disrespect, and i'm sick of seeing it and not saying anything about it.

From my experiences with her, all the way from LA PUBGM Superstar Showdown to Malaysia to community events ---
The amount of times she's tried to sabotage other people in this community, i can't even count with my fingers and toes any more. The way she does things is ruthless, cut throat, and blatantly disrespecting others.

I cannot continue being friends with someone that stabs me and others in the community in the back.

Today was a personal attack to the impact network team- who are all volunteers that don't gain anything from scheduling these quality events, with prizepools, for the community. She not only degraded our events, she purposely **went out of her way** to convince teams to play scrims instead of our league which was pre scheduled since the beginning of August.

I will not be going into specific details about past events, but today's disrespect was the bottom line for me. This is just me saying I will no longer put up and support her actions.

This may come as a surprise to most of the community, but I am done supporting someone so willing to intentionally sabotage others. Again, I'm disappointed in myself for looking the other way for so long.

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