Restricted F/A for CDL 2021 Season

Restricted F/A for the CDL 2021 Season.

Not really sure how to start this, been struggling on how to. Obviously, Empire decided to move with the other four for next year, and I genuinely hold nothing against the org or the players. Shoutout to everyone over on the Dallas Empire for making it feel like home. I was beyond happy to represent Texas and live my legitimate childhood dream, and I can't thank all the staff and players from top to bottom for making it feel like a family. I really have never been accepted to a huge org like I was at Envy ever since I moved here. I, for real, love Porter, Cuyler, Inder, Ant, and Ray beyond belief. This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with, and I just hope that I didn't rub them the wrong way or something this year. I really hope I maintain a friendship with these guys because we accomplished greatness this year, and I truly wish them nothing but success in the rest of their careers.

Only can blame myself for not doing more to secure my spot and the league for making this decision. Pretty heartbroken with how things turned out, got about 24 hours of happiness before I got thrown back into the blender, but that's the story of my career. My track record speaks for its fuckin' self but incase you forgot, I took four different rookies to two different World Championships in back to back years. Bang my line if you want to win one with me this year, I've never been more motivated and had my fire fueled like this. I've won six tournaments in two seasons, with three seconds, and two rings. Going to put my everything into trying to 3-peat next year, and I hope I still have some of y'alls support. Spent all night genuinely contemplating what I want to do next, and I had to make the choice between feeling burnt out and giving up or giving this shit everything I have to prove I don't need any of the people who haven't wanted me around. Did it last year, did it this year, and I'll do it again next year. My leadership capabilities are the highest they've ever been, I performed awesome at Champs this year, and I legitimately feel I'm the best teammate I've ever been in my career up to this point. I hope some of the guys on Empire will vouch for me on this, I tried so fucking hard this year to be the best at everything I could. Communication, criticism, leadership, actual ability, game planning, maintaining composure, keeping things in focus, etc. You know the type of player you're getting with me, and if this is my last hurrah I'm giving it all I got. I don't want it to be the last ride, but who knows after how these last two years turned out. All I've ever asked was to be appreciated and wanted, and as soon as an org shows that back to me I'm there for life.

Want to give a couple shoutouts to the people who made it possible this year:

Porter, 11/17 1st places, fucking INSANE STUFF having a 65% win rate, and a 100% T3 rate. You fucking GOAT. I'll miss your dumbass. Was another helluva run we had.

Cuyler, way to kill it this year bro and show everyone that potential you've been harnessing. Glad I could get you your first CoD win and seeing you grow as a player all year has been special. You got one of the dopest families I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, so make sure you rely on them to help you through all the BS from CoD because I KNOW they got your back.

Inder, one of the most selfless rookies I've ever played with. To be as young as you, and be as selfless and smart as you are, it's a special thing to see. Lean into that and you'll become of the all time greats. I appreciate the understanding we had with each other all year where we didn't even need to comm, you think like me and Porter and that shit will CARRY you as long as you allow it to. Gonna miss you kid.

ANT YOU FUCKING MVP. Happy for you, you fuckin' FPS GOD. Your demeanor and ability to take criticism is unmatched, I loved how you carried yourself. Way to put your head down and just grind, shut up all the morons talking shit. I wanna see more MVP's in your future, and if you keep at it like you did this year, I guarantee there will be more.

Ray, thanks for being a voice of reason all year and dealing with all our shit. You're a goddamned genius, I'm glad you decided to coach us this year, you genuinely were our sixth man. I won't forget the convos we had and what you helped me learn how to do all year, thanks for helping me grow as a player and as an individual.

I would like to express thanks to Marcus, Joe, Mike, Graham, Shay, Nifty, Trill, the whole content and social teams, legit everyone on Envy that I've had interactions with. There's too many people to actually name and I think that's just about the coolest thing about Envy, everyone made me feel welcome. I'll miss everyone, going away party at my place soon <3



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