Official statement from the Hard Legion team regarding the ban of Alexander “MechanoGun” Bogatyrev.

Yesterday we received a letter from ESL announcing the decision to ban our coach for two years. It was difficult for us to believe in Alexander's guilt, but we had to conduct a personal investigation of this situation. Based on the results of internal discussions, we decided that the punishment from ESL was fair. We refuse to make any appeal and we are staying on the side of the tournament organizer.

The Hard Legion organization is extremely negative about any manifestation of "cheating" and believes that honesty in Esports should be above all other things!We are very concerned that our players are suspected of knowingly conspiring with the coach and are also secretly urged to punish them. In the course of the proceedings with the coach and the players, we tend to believe that the coach did not inform anyone about the fact that he has an advantage in the game. The players continued to play fair, ignoring the fact that the coach's hints turned out to be extremely correct. We have no reason to believe that the players were aware of this "bug" in advance, so no sanctions on our part will be applied to the players.

We made a decision to not to take the side of the coach and not look for excuses for his action. Alexander "MechanoGun" Bogatyrev was immediately dismissed from his post as team coach.

We bring our deepest apologies to all competitors, as well as all the Esports fans. We believe that this story will be indicative for everyone.

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